Enviromental Logistics

Fast collection. Prompt deliveries.

In this sector, eco-sustainability means optimisation and speed.

Logex has the advantage of being able to guarantee this because it organizes and manages all the steps of the disposal process, without having to wait for coordination with third parties. Fast collection is followed by prompt deliveries, made within a few days from order, including cross border.

While collection is done using road vehicles, transport to the final destination is usually by rail.

The service thus becomes eco-sustainable, faster and cheaper: long journeys in less time, direct links, optimization of loads, immediate scheduling!

Highly specialised means of transport are all equipped with on-board electronic loading and weighing systems.

Administrative management

At each step, traceability

The management of the entire disposal process is supported by precise administrative procedures, which, in the case of deliveries abroad, end with the issuance of notification.

This means continuous traceability, which allows the identification of all product passages and all those involved in management: from the waste producer to the authorised end recipient, passing through possible intermediaries, transporters, storage sites or back-ups.

Logex is distinguished by its ability to handle the large demand for guarantees associated with notification procedures.

Logex is also familiar with the complex legal world of national and European rules and regulations, thus ensuring maximum protection for clients and companies.

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